Using Two-factor Authentication with

GitHub recently added support for Two-factor Authentication to and shortly thereafter added support for it on In version 0.8, also added support for it and you can use it right now.

To use Two-factor Authentication, you must define your own function that will return your one time authentication code. You then provide that function when logging in with

For example:

import github3

    # Python 2
    prompt = raw_input
except NameError:
    # Python 3
    prompt = input

def my_two_factor_function():
    code = ''
    while not code:
        # The user could accidentally press Enter before being ready,
        # let's protect them from doing that.
        code = prompt('Enter 2FA code: ')
    return code

g = github3.login('sigmavirus24', 'my_password',

Then each time the API tells it requires a Two-factor Authentication code, will call my_two_factor_function which prompt you for it.